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Fresh Start Closet

Officer Melissa Robison, an MCF board member, and Intern Nick spent some time building our first set of Fresh Start Closets at the Albert Schweitzer/Carl Sandburg campus recently. We still have some filling up to do, but wanted to share our progress. We quickly realized that we will need more space than this and will likely double the set up where we can.

We even had our first customer. This guy was wearing his father’s clothes to school – which is apparently a near daily occurrence. We got him a brand new t-shirt and zip up hoodie and some socks to go on his bare feet. It was awesome to see how excited he was to have some new clothes to wear home.

Please help spread around the sign up genius and the Amazon wish list we’ve created. The principals were really excited to see what we were able to give them, even in these preliminary stages. If you want to be a collection spot at your business – lets figure out how to make it work!